Monday, 11 June 2012

Rosebud Socks, Finally A Completed Pair

Hello, my name is Ashleybobbi, and I have second sock syndrome.

Yes, it's a real disease, a disease that's plagued me with many mismatched hand knit socks. Having said that, I swore to myself that I would complete a pair of knit socks. I recently picked up Wendy D. Johnson's Toe-Up Socks for Every Body and fell in love with the Rosebud Socks pattern. This was going to be my first official PAIR of socks. I finished my first sock in three days and I set down my needles. Itching to cast on a new project, I looked to my sponsor for support (my toy poodle Bentley, of course!). I could do it, just cast on and go from there... after much procrastination I did it, and I finished it, and it felt great. I can now wear two of the same hand-knit socks with pride.

Finished socks at my desk @ work (where I should probably be working, not knitting...shhh!)

Knitting on my balcony, enjoying the early days of summer.

Keep Calm & Cast On... Until next time,